2015 Namescon In Review – Was It Great?

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As the owner of PlentyOfbrands.com I have a passion for brandable business domain names and domain names in general.Brandables are my main focus.I hope you find a name you want here on POB!
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The 2015 Namescon took place in Las Vegas Nevada on January 11th-January 14th at the Tropicana Hotel. This was the first Namescon event I have personally attended. In my post title I ask the question “was it great?” The answer is quite simple. Yes! The show was amazing. The venue was perfect. The convenience to each and every breakout session was super nice and the list goes on and on. Today I am going to highlight some of the things that I took away from the conference and share them with you. If you did not attend, I highly suggest you do next year.


There were over 900 attendees at the conference this year. In some respects before I arrived I felt this could actually be a distraction because of the number of people attending. Some of my questions to myself were, “Can I meet with people about m PlentyOfBrands.com or will there be too many people and overwhelming?” Another concern was if there are too many people in attendance will I be able to get seats to the breakout sessions I want to attend. On the Namescon website I was reviewing the schedule before the trip and it appeared I was to sign up for the breakout sessions …. and I did not sign up for any. My thoughts were …. uh ohhh!


There were also a lot of other things running through my head as well. But, to my surprise, everything went real smooth. The only sessions I was unable to attend that I want to attend were the ones I was meeting with people instead. Talking about PlentyOfBrands.com. Talking with some of the brightest people on the planet about how I can help domain owners get their brandable domain names in front of the companies and individuals who are looking to purchase brandable domain names. I was also looking to speak with some of the top domain owners as well. I wanted to get feedback from them on how I can make a better brandable domain name platform and how it can be a valuable place for domain owners to come search, shop and list their properties for sale.


During the week I was able to meet with wonderful and bright people like Troy Rushton (pictured above) who runs several businesses but one is called NameInvestors.com. If you have not ever heard of their company or website, be sure to check it out. Their product is amazing and they help domain owners in several aspects of their portfolio.


I was also able to meet with some of the pioneers from the domain name industry. One of my favorite people to talk with is Frank Schilling from Uniregistry.com. Frank’s company Uniregistry is a place where you can register anything from .coms to any of the new 230 new tlds that are out. Uniregistry offers the following new extensions. Be patient I am going to try to list all of the ones I know. They are .gift, .tattoo, .sexy, .link, .guitars, .pics, .photo, .christmas, .blackfriday, .hiphop, .audio, .juegos, .country, .hosting, .property, .click, .diet, .help, .flowers, .cars and .auto. There may be others. As you can see, the crew at Uniregistry has it .going on!! Another great thing I have the pleasure of being a part of is DNS or DomainNameSales.com. This is a parking platform on steroids. It allows domain owners to not only park their names, but also control their own sales platform as well. A domain owner can work all of their sales if they would like, or they can simply let the DNS team of professional sales staff to handle them. This has lead to many sales for me personally and I highly recommend this to anyone who is not doing business with them.


The venue, as you can see from the picture above, was set up so nice. It was easy to navigate through the vendors areas and speak with the different companies that were set up. It was very nice meeting the people from the new tlds. I got to speak with the people from .club, Bill Doshier founder of .buzz, Donuts Inc and several others. One of the really nice things for me was that I could get to my room in a matter of seconds and I could get to any of the breakout sessions really quick as well.


There are a lot of distractions in Las Vegas like gambling, shows and more. The crew at Namescon, I am sure, spent a great deal of time, effort and energy putting together over 150 speakers at the conference. There was over 900 total attendees as well. Some of the speakers I enjoyed and had the pleasure to sit in on were Adam Dicker from Webcorp LLC, The Domain Sherpa Michael Cyger, Keynote Speaker Frank Schilling, and domain Selling with Jeff Gabriel VP of DNS. Each of these speakers went into great detail and were very informative. I really enjoyed all of them, especially the domain sherpa show with Michael Cyger and the sales presentation by Jeff Gabriel.


I know that there are a large number of people who put on Namescon. I could see them all in their Namescon t shorts running around helping everyone. I want to thank them for putting on a wonderful show. I know I will be leaving people out but thanks to Richard Lau, Jothan Frakes and Jodi Chamberlain. It was a wonderful show and I will for sure, no doubt, be coming back!!

The RightOfTheDot auction was a success and fun to attend. Michael Berkens and Monte Cahn put on a great auction and selected some of the best names on the planet. Michael Berkens from TheDomains.com not only had a hand in the auction but also runs one of the most informational websites in the domain space. If you have not read TheDomains.com, check it out and sign up for their news and follow the updates daily on Facebook. As for the auction, there were some great new tlds on the auction agenda along with some major league .com domain names like Auction.com and Land.com. The auction also had a number of 3N domains like 877.com, 380.com and 487.com. Although they did not receive a bid large enough in the auction, you can still check out and bid in the extended auction at SnapNames.com.

In closing, I am happy I was able to attend. I was very happy with the ease of the event and the people that were in attendance. It was a pleasure and I look forward to many more. So to answer the title question one more time, yes it was GREAT!

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As the owner of PlentyOfbrands.com I have a passion for brandable business domain names and domain names in general. Brandables are my main focus. I hope you find a name you want here on POB!

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