Logo Designers

Plenty Of Brands Logo Designers

We are looking for experienced and talented logo designers to help our clients see the potential in each and every brand. We feel that helping the shoppers visualize the potential is vital in our business. If you feel you would like to join the PlentyOfBrands.com logo designing team please email us at info@plentyofbrands.com.

We are currently building a logo designer portal that you will be able to sign in to, review a list of names that are needing logos, select the ones you are interested in making and then submit them. In your own personal portal you will also be able to keep track of the number of logos you have created, how many are sold, how many are still for sale and the amounts you will receive if the domain name sales.

PlentyOfBrands.com will leave all the creativity to you — the logo designer. We know that “experienced” logo designers are highly creative and can play a major role in the sale of the brand.

How do we work?

There will be an approval process. We will review your portfolio or work. Once the approval process is complete, you will sign into your account. There you will be able to choose names that are needing a logo design and you will also be made aware of the amount you will be paid once the name sells. You will receive a logo award amount between $100 and $500.

PlentyOfBrands.com is looking for the following

Individuals who are experienced and passionate about brand design. We are looking for designers who can communicate the meaning or potential of a brand through image or type logos with a nice array of color and typeface.

To apply please reach out to Christian at info@plentyofbrands.com.