Marketing Agencies: Try these useful domain strategies for your clients

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As the owner of I have a passion for brandable business domain names and domain names in general.Brandables are my main focus.I hope you find a name you want here on POB!
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In the world of digital marketing, the number of strategies you need to keep up with to make your work effective for your clients continues to grow. We have worked in the marketing world with clients for many years, and one thing that consistently gets ignored is a domain name strategy. Below are some strategies you should be considering to increase the effectiveness of your work for your clients.

1. Keyword domain names
If you have marketing clients and you’re doing any digital marketing or advertising for them, you’ve likely already reviewed effective keywords to use in blogging, PPC advertising, hashtag use and SEO work. You should extend this to your domain name strategy.

For example, let’s say your client is a mortgage company in Nashville. Mortgage, home mortgage, mortgage rates, and reverse mortgages are all popular keywords.

Because of their popularity, the domain names related to those keywords are more expensive, however deals can still be made with the owners of those domain names. (Such as

These keyword domain names can be used in a number of ways.

-You can create your clients’ main website on a keyword domain name for SEO value and to catch type-in traffic.

– You can forward the domain to your client’s main website. (This does not have as much SEO benefit.)

– You can use that domain name as a single-page website and link back to the main website.

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– You can create a stand-alone blog on that website that you can share socially and link back to the client’s main website as well.

2. Long-tail keyword domain names
Related to keyword domain are long-tail keywords. In general, the shorter the domain name, the better the value and use for your clients. (Because they’re easier to type and remember.) However, there is also value in researching and purchasing long-tail keyword domain names for your clients’ business.

An example of a long-tail keyword is Three-word dot coms have some value as well. And again, the more popular the keywords, the more expensive the domain name. But long-tail keyword domain names tend to be less expensive than shorter keyword domain names. The added benefit to long-tail keywords is also that users don’t always just type in short search terms. Sometimes they are searching for longer phrases, and you can often catch those users and their traffic with long-tail keywords.

You can also use long-tail keywords in the same manner we listed above for your clients.

3. Marketing Campaigns
Another strategy to use for your clients is using industry-related domain names for specific marketing campaigns.

In this situation, the shorter the domain name the better. One-word and two-word dot com domain names or industry-related TLDs would be best used for online marketing campaigns.

There are a few reasons to use domain name for specific marketing campaigns. It gives users a dedicated place to receive that specific campaigns information. Also, if you purchase good domain names, the names are usually easy to remember for users and potential customers to go to. (So when you tie together the online marketing with offline marketing you have better design and make the website easy to remember and visit for that specific campaign promotion.) Also, tracking the overall effectiveness of a campaign is easier if you have a dedicated domain versus using a subdomain of your main website.

While digital marketing continues to change, many have continued to ignore using domain names as a strategy for their clients. These are three easy ways to develop a domain name strategy for your marketing clients and have them continue to see your value and keep you on board.

If you have any questions about domain names or how to integrate them into your strategy for your clients, feel free to contact us here.

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As the owner of I have a passion for brandable business domain names and domain names in general. Brandables are my main focus. I hope you find a name you want here on POB!