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As the owner of I have a passion for brandable business domain names and domain names in general.Brandables are my main focus.I hope you find a name you want here on POB!
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Whoa! What a whopper of a domain. Not only are you looking at the exact match domain to Google’s 2nd highest Cost Per Click, but you are also looking at an amazing opportunity to have a viable Mortgage business. There are thousands and thousands of mortgage companies out there. You can be the leader in the industry. To us at the .info goes PERFECTLY with the term “mortgage.”

The term mortgage is searched over 20 million times per month for the broad search and over 137,500 times in exact match. Those are huge numbers. Many companies are advertising under the keyword “mortgage” and are paying a fortune for that keyword. At $10.00 per click up to $30.00 per click, can get real expensive, real fast.

We at also believe that this .info domain is one of the best .info domains on the planet! There is no doubt that a company can brand this domain into a viable, money generating business. Mortgage leads sell very handsomely. We also took a look at the other extensions. Obviously .com is on another level. We are not sure exactly what the value of is but we feel it is very high. Maybe between $30 Million and $50 Million because it is a nice website and more than likely generating leads per month. Let say that is a $50 Million dollar domain. The website shows that .info trade for between 9% and 11% of .com value. If we do the math, that puts at a value of $4.5 Million and $5.5 Million. It is real easy to plug in any value of the .com and get a price for the .info. If you feel the domain is a $30 Million dollar domain than that put the .info value between $2.7 Million and $3.3 Million. One thing we know for absolute certain, this is a super rare and valuable domain! Get your offer in today before this one is gone for good.

To inquire about this domain please reach out to us at Thank you for looking.


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