Q. How do I pay for the domain name?

A. Simply add the domain of your choice to your cart and checkout.  You can use many different payment methods to check out and pay.  We can provide invoices on request if needed.  

Q. Are there any additional fees on the purchase of the domain name?

A. No there are no other fees other than the annual renewal fees at your registrar like Godaddy.

Q. Can an escrow service be used for a payment?

A. Yes, we have used Escrow.com and prefer to use them if that is the way you would like to pay.  The buyer pays all fees associated with Escrow.com.

Q. Do you have a refund policy?

A.  We only offer refunds if the domain does not reach your account.  Once the domain name reaches your account there are no refunds for many reasons. 

Q. How can I feel comfortable with the purchase of a domain name with PlentyOfBrands.com?

A. We own all of the names on the website ourselves.  We guarantee you will receive the domain name of your choice after payment is secured.  We have been in the industry for several years with testimonials.  

Q. What information will you need to receive the domain name?

A.  If the domain name you choose is held at Godaddy.com and you have a Godaddy.com account all we need is the account number and the email address associated with the account.  We can then push the domain into your account. 

Q. Does a domain name come with hosting?

A.  No, you are only purchasing the domain name.